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Ever wondered if there is one place where you can record all your volunteer experiences?

In today’s job market, volunteer experience adds significant value to the interview process and gets you closer to getting the job. Whether you are a job seeker, student or immigrant, having a volunteer profile is very important.

How can you benefit from volunteer2day.org

·         record your volunteer hours, experience stories and make it a central repository for all your volunteer activities- one portal for all your good deeds

·         create your volunteer resume today using this website and attach it for job and volunteer applications

·         share your positive volunteer experience stories and motivate others to volunteer as well

·         calculate your social impact of your volunteering ( also known as personal social return on investment) and compare with other members, set personal targets and social impact aspirations

Let’s create positive webspace for recording, sharing and encouraging volunteer experiences today!

Volunteering and giving is a blessing for all of us – start today to count your blessings

Register today at www.volunteer2day.org – count your blessings 2day!




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